NUFiltration Ltd. is a young, innovative, dynamic global company with one main goal:
To spread and apply the NUF™ technology in the field of water and waste water treatment.

NUF™ technology is based on a worldwide applied patent, providing for the reuse of sterilized medical devices - (UltraFiltration filters at 3.3 nm nominal filtration rate) - in the field of water treatment.

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Class A effluent upgrading systems

NUF™ units are perfectly fitted and specially designed to smoothly transform secondary effluents into Class A effluents, suitable for unrestricted irrigation and recycling.

Swimming pool water purification

In single unit, the NUF™ purification plant filters and removes pathogens, bacteria, viruses and microbiological contamination from swimming pool water, dramatically reducing the use of chlorine and providing clear and pure pool water.

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Industrial applications

NUF™ units are the best choice where water filtering and sterilizing are required on site as a single process for industrial purposes.

Drinking water

NUF™ units are simple, robust and compact. Power free, they are self-contained multipurpose mini systems with the ability of producing pure drinking water from contaminated sources under almost any circumstances.

Water recycling in greenhouses and nurseries

NUF™ systems are the best cost effective and technological solution for the recycling of drain and irrigation water in greenhouses and nurseries, mechanically eliminating pathogens and parasites without altering the content and nature of nutrients.

Our Location

NUFiltration Ltd.
13, HaGranit St.
Caesarea Industrial Park(North)
Caesarea, 30889
Tel: +972-73-7695333
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